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Whether it’s commercial premises that require expert asbestos assistance, or you simply need an asbestos survey for your residential property in Manchester, get a quick quote and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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Asbestos Surveys in Manchester

Established in Yorkshire since 2009, we’re one of the areas most well-respected asbestos surveying and removal companies.

Everyone at Environmental Asbestos Services is committed to a high level of customer care and an affordable service that you can trust.

Whether you’re a business in need of reactive, reliable asbestos removal, or a homeowner seeking an asbestos survey, we’re experienced at bringing a wide range of asbestos services to the following areas.

Asbestos Experts

Asbestos Re-inspections in Manchester

The Asbestos Re-inspection survey assesses the location and condition, along with any remedial actions required to ensure your asbestos is being managed safely and you are health and safety compliant.

Asbestos re-inspections are a critical component of maintaining a safe and compliant environment, particularly in buildings that may contain asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). These periodic assessments play a pivotal role in safeguarding both human health and financial resources.

What does an asbestos survey report include?

Home Asbestos Surveys in Manchester

pre-purchase asbestos survey is a crucial step in assessing the presence of asbestos within a property you intend to purchase.

Our experienced team conducts a thorough inspection, examining various building materials to identify any potential asbestos-containing materials.

pre-refurbishment or demolition asbestos survey is an essential step before undertaking any renovation or demolition work.

Our dedicated team conducts thorough inspections to identify and assess the presence of asbestos-containing materials within the property.

How much does Asbestos Removal cost

Asbestos Removal in Manchester

Our asbestos removal services prioritise the safe and efficient elimination of hazardous asbestos-containing materials from your property.

With a team of licensed professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, we follow strict protocols to ensure the proper containment, removal, and disposal of asbestos.

Our experts adhere to industry regulations and best practices, minimising any potential risks associated with asbestos exposure.

We understand the importance of creating a healthy environment, and our meticulous approach guarantees the highest standards of safety and quality. 

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Your trusted partner in Asbestos

Welcome to Environmental Asbestos Services – the first choice asbestos company for homes and businesses across Yorkshire and the North West, including Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Liverpool and Manchester.

We have a strong reputation for our fast, friendly service, along with affordable asbestos surveys and removals that you can rely on.

Whether you’re a business in need of regular surveys and removal services, or a homeowner seeking a demolition survey, we’re here to go the extra mile for customers with our comprehensive range of services:

With every single job, our friendly team makes sure to guide you through every step of the process to ensure an honest, helpful service that gives you the solutions you need – and all with no call-out charge.

Why Environmental Asbestos Services?

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"Prompt, no fuss survey!"
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Prompt, no fuss survey! Quick completion & report done after hours on a Friday night!
"Quick turnaround and reliable service"
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Good service, quick and punctual with clear communication from business and surveyor.
"First class"
Yell Review
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Excellent quick efficient service at very short notice. Polite and friendly. Would highly recommend. Thank you.
"Great service"
Yell Review
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Great service, I needed a few areas sampling for asbestos as there was artex in the house, Gareth and Anthony were able to come out on short notice and straight back as I missed out an area. They were able to share their knowledge and expertise in the area. Brilliant service, more than reasonable in price would definitely use again if needed.
"Great service"
Yell Review
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Gareth provided a quick reliable service testing some artex in our home in Huddersfield for asbestos. He came earlier than expected with a phone call to say they had a cancellation that day and took the samples without any issues. Results and certificates were back in a couple of days with no issues. Great service provided, I would definitely recommend.
Yell Review
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Would highly recommend. Professional, friendly, thorough and prompt.
"Highly recommended"
Yell Review
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Prompt, efficient, thorough, professional and friendly service. From the initial phone call through to giving us the report the service we received was 1st class and I would be happy to recommend to anyone.
"Efficient service"
Yell Review
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Prompt reply and efficient service. Report sent immediately. Very pleasant experience. Thank you Gareth. Would highly recommend this company.
"Very attentive throughout"
Yell Review
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I would recommend Gareth to anybody. He was very attentive throughout the whole inspection and informed me on what he had to do all the way through the process, getting in touch with me on numerous occasions.

He goes over and above what is expected of him and answered any questions that I had for him

Thank you Gareth for all your work, much appreciated!
Yell Review
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Very accommodating and helpful, willing to work with the customer and help wherever possible.

Would recommend.
"Would recommend"
Yell Review
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Inexpensive. Quick. Friendly. Easy communication. Extensive and thorough report. Thank you.
"Brilliant service & aftercare!"
Yell Review
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Brilliant service & aftercare! Worked on a Sunday to accommodate us. Competitive price, high quality service supplied and great customer service! Would definitely recommend Gareth and his team.
"Prompt Response"
Yell Review
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A prompt reply to my enquiry and a competitive price. I accepted their quotation due to the prompt response.

I received my detailed asbestos report within 5 working days of the survey being completed.
"Outstanding Service"
Yell Review
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Excellent service arranged for the report the same day. Outstanding A star.
"Good Honest reliable - look no further!"
Yell Review
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I can highly recommend Gareth and Craig. I have used this company on several occasions now, for commercial and domestic projects. One for a very complex Asbestos job, and the service is outstanding. You know you are in honest and trustworthy hands, and they do a very thorough job going the extra mile. Having done research on several companies, most competitively priced too!
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Asbestos FAQs

Do you cover anywhere else other than Manchester?

Yes, we cover lots of areas in the UK. You can find out more by taking a look at our 'Areas We Cover' page by clicking here.

What is asbestos and why is it dangerous?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was widely used in construction materials due to its heat resistance and durability. However, when asbestos fibres are released into the air and inhaled, they can cause serious health issues, including lung diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

How can I identify asbestos-containing materials in my property?

Identifying asbestos visually is often impossible, as it can be present in various building materials. If you suspect the presence of asbestos, it is best to consult a licensed asbestos surveyor who can conduct a thorough inspection and collect samples for laboratory testing.

Is it legal to remove asbestos myself?

In the UK, it is legal for homeowners to carry out asbestos removal work on their own property, provided they adhere to certain conditions. However, due to the health risks involved, it is highly recommended to hire a licensed asbestos removal contractor who has the necessary expertise and equipment to safely handle and dispose of asbestos.

Do I need an asbestos survey before carrying out renovations or demolition?

Yes, it is crucial to conduct an asbestos survey before any renovation or demolition work, as disturbing asbestos-containing materials can release hazardous fibres. A qualified asbestos surveyor can assess the presence and condition of asbestos in your property, helping you determine the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of workers and occupants.

Can asbestos be safely managed rather than removed?

In some cases, it may be possible to manage asbestos in situ, rather than removing it. This typically involves regular monitoring, encapsulation, or enclosing the asbestos-containing materials to prevent fiber release. However, the decision to manage or remove asbestos should be based on a thorough risk assessment conducted by asbestos professionals.

Remember: it’s important to consult with qualified asbestos experts and follow the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK for the safe handling, removal, and management of asbestos.

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